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Sergei Voronov changes style with the help of Jeffrey Buttle
Two-time Russian national champion and European medalist Sergei Voronov has recently returned from Canada were he was putting together the new programs for upcoming season.

Jeffrey Buttle as the key to success

Before Sergei Voronov returned from North America one unexpected rumor has spread around – the name of his main choreographer has caused a confusion on social media.

“I have recently posted a picture with David Wilson on Instagram.” Russian champion explains. “Then it lead to the false information that the program that I am putting together for the new season would be done by him. It is not true, the choreographer is Jeffrey Buttle. The story behind the photo with David is, that he works at the same rink were I was as well, there was a girl who came to take a photo with him and I thought why should I not also take a photo with him? (laugh). I just wrote (to the Instagram photo) that he is a great choreographer and it has immediately turned into speculations.” he adds

To choose World champion Jeffrey Buttle as his choreographer wasn’t a hard decision for Voronov.
“I have always liked him as a skater – his style, his smooth skating. Yes, he was jumping a quad but he was also an outstanding Figure skater who always stood out for his individual style.” he says.

“I really enjoyed working with Buttle because he is a creative person. I have welcomed his approach to work. I am very gratefull that Jeffrey found time to work with me. Nowadays, he is one of the most popular choreographers not only in Canada but skaters are coming to him from all over the world. It is great that we have managed to cooperate. We have worked only on the ice, around three hours per day. I went for an additional training, when he was working with other skaters.” Voronov continues.

New programs are work in progress

Sergei haven’t revealed the music for his new programs yet but he finally shared some more details.

“I want to change every season and the upcoming season is no exception. For the short program we have chosen a song with the lyrics from famous contemporary music band. Maybe I will appear (on the ice) with a romantic image. Let’s see (laugh). For a free program we have also selected a popular piece from a soundtrack which many skaters have used. We had a lot of options when we were looking for the music but Jeffrey was able to convince me that it is worth to try these. It is a new experience – it’s always kind of a hazard.”
The quadruple jump is a must in such tough competition at the top level and the men who finished 13th at the last World championships is aware of it.

“I will have a quadruple jump in the short program, we have also included triple Lutz, now I am actively working on it. It is not important to talk about the technical elements but to execute them.”

The goal for this season is also clear for the 27-years old champ.

“My main goal for this season is to skate with pleasure and to try to perform on the highest level and to improve.”



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