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Grand Prix boosted by return of elite crop of skaters
Hanyu, Chan face Sochi rematch at Skate Canada;
Ladies brace for Asada
Posted 10/20/15 by Nick McCarvel, special to icenetwork
Three-time world champion and Olympic silver medalist Mao Asada highlights a talented cast of returning skaters this season. -Getty Images

More than anything else, this Grand Prix season is about the comeback. Well, lots of comebacks.

Olympic medalists Patrick Chan, Adelina Sotnikova, Mao Asada and pairs team Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov all return to the sport's biggest stages after a year away. Their respective forecasts for the year to come? Mixed. Regardless, their returns make for a more interesting season for fans leading up to the world championships in March, which is back on American soil for the first time since 2009. 

Already, bold pronouncements are being made.

"I want to win U.S. nationals and I want a spot on the worlds podium in Boston," said Gracie Gold, the 20-year-old American who placed fourth at both the Sochi Olympic Winter Games as well as at the 2015 World Championships. "At my Grand Prix [assignments], I want to be consistent in both programs."


But a good program, particularly among the ladies this year, might not be good enough. Beyond Gold, Sotnikova will skate competitively for the first time since her controversial win at the Olympics when she competes at the Rostelecom Cup in November. She joins an already-stacked crop of Russian ladies, including reigning world champion Elizaveta Tuktamisheva, on the Grand Prix circuit.
"Sotnikova totally becomes a dark horse," said 2011 U.S. champion Ryan Bradley. "The Russians are so deep. It just takes Tuktamisheva to make a mistake or two and she'll be off the podium at Russian nationals. [Julia] Lipnitskaia really faltered last year. It speaks volumes for how deep they are as a nation. Elizaveta can be world champion again, yes, but she can also be sixth at Russian nationals."

Internationally, the list of names to watch is a long one: Asada, Tuktamisheva, Gold, Sotnikova, Elena Radionova, Satoko Miyahara, Ashley Wagner, Rika Hongo, Kanako Murakami, Polina Edmunds and another comeback story this season, Carolina Kostner, are the headliners, while reigning world junior champion, Evgenia Medvedeva (of Russia, no shock!) makes her senior Grand Prix debut.
国際的に、見るべき名前のリストは長いものになる: 浅田、トゥクタミシェワ、ゴールド、ソトニコワ、エレーナ・ラジオノワ、宮原知子、アシュリー・ワグナー、本郷理華、村上佳菜子、ポリーナ・エドムンズ、そしてもう一人の今季の復活物語、カロリーナ・コストナーが目玉だ、一方現ジュニア・チャンピオンのエフゲニア・メドベデワ(ロシア、衝撃は無い!)が、シニアのグランプリ・デビューをする。

With her much-talked-about competitive ban set to end Jan. 1, 2016, Kostner will not compete in the Grand Prix. At 28, the Olympic bronze medalist is making an unlikely push for Pyeongchang in 2018.

"It's wildly surprising to see her come back," Bradley said. "She really hit her stride late in her career. To me, it makes sense that the [Sochi] Olympics would have been it. Maybe she just wants to keep her name in it, or perhaps she wants to clear her name and not have the last thing people really hear from her be this doping ban."

Wagner reestablished herself as U.S. champion last season, but she has yet to win a long-sought-after worlds medal. Bradley believes that Gold's jumping prowess will carry her to the coveted podium before Wagner, possibly this season.

No single Grand Prix event stands out as the strongest for the ladies, though all eyes will be fixed on Sotnikova at the Rostelecom Cup, and Cup of China for Asada's return.

"I think it was good for her to take the year off," Gold said of Asada. "She knows herself and her skating so well, and she seems very comfortable. She's confident and happy. There is no reason for her not to have a good, solid Grand Prix season."


Chan can also be expected to have a solid Grand Prix season in his return. The Sochi silver medalist, who contemplated retiring last spring, is fresh after a year away from competition, making him that much more dangerous.

"I'm extremely excited," Chan said during an October conference call. "I'm of course nervous, but more excited because I'm excited to show how a year off has influenced my skating. I'm skating with a bit of lightness and a breath of fresh air. That's something that was missing the last two seasons for me."

Skate Canada is undoubtedly the men's event to watch, as Chan and Japan's Yuzuru Hanyu will face off in a rematch of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games, where the Japanese skater won gold.

"Patrick skates like he was born on the ice," Bradley said. "He looks like he was supposed to be doing this his entire life. It's one of those qualities that you can't teach. He's always relevant whenever he steps on the ice. When you step away, it's a risk -- your body changes, your timing and confidence change. A lot of things can go wrong. Patrick is so talented that it didn't take a lot of him to get back. It will be interesting to see how he responds at his Grand Prix assignments."
「パトリックは、氷の上で生まれたようなスケートをする」とブラッドリーは言った。「彼は彼の人生すべてでこれをすると思われているかのように見える。(教えようとしても)教えることが来ない素質の一つだ。彼が氷上でステップをするときはいつでも、彼は常に関連性がある。離れるときはリスクになる-- 体が変わり、タイミングと自信も変わる。たくさんのもの(の計算)が狂ってくるかもしれない。パトリックはとても才能があるから、取り戻すのに(時間は)多くかからないかもしれない。彼のグランプリの割り当てでどう応えるのかを見るのは面白いだろう」

It will also be interesting to see if the "tri-valry" reignites between Chan, Hanyu and reigning world champion Javier Fernández.

 "We've been spoiled in skating these days with Yuzuru, Patrick and Javier," Bradley said. "Those three guys are just so far ahead of everyone else. To me, Javi has got some momentum because of his win at worlds; that was his breakthrough. Yuzu is the Olympic champion and he's going to be the favorite everywhere he skates."
「最近のスケートは、結弦、パトリック、ハビエルに(表彰台を?)略奪されている」とブラッドリーは言った。「その3人は、みんなの遙か先にいる。僕は、ハビが世界選手権に勝ったから勢いを得たと; それは彼にとっての突破口だったから。ゆずはオリンピックチャンピオンで、彼が滑るところはどこででも本命になるだろう」

Those three are well ahead of the Americans, who continue to knock on the door of a worlds medal. (Team USA hasn't landed a man on a worlds podium since 2009, when Evan Lysacek won gold in front of a home crowd in Los Angeles.)

"[Americans] haven't had a ton of consistency really since Evan. … I was one of those people who was inconsistent," Bradley said. "Right now, we don't know what we're going to get. Max Aaron is showing a lot of promise with his components over the summer. Joshua Farris set himself up as the future, but he hasn't been on the ice in months (because of a concussion in August). That takes the wind out of his sails. Jason Brown puts up big numbers without the big tricks. It makes it interesting … he's not the strongest jumper, but he goes out and does one triple axel and does everything else with + 3's (Grades of Execution)."
「(アメリカ人たちは)エバン以来、あまり堅実性を持っていない。僕も不確実な人間の1人だった」とブラッドリーが言った。「現在、僕たちは何を得るのかがわからない。マックス・アーロンは夏の間、彼のコンポーネンツの中にたくさんの見込みを見せている。ジョシュア・ファリスは、将来の地位を確立したけど、彼は数か月氷の上に乗っていない(8月の脳震盪のため)。それは彼の船の帆から風を奪っている。ジェーソン・ブラウンは大きなトリック(芸)無しに大きなナンバー(演目)を打ち上げている。彼は強いジャンパーではないが、彼は出て行って1つのトリプルアクセルと、他全部が+3(のGOE) と言うのは、面白くしている…」

"I really feel like I'm constantly growing," Brown said in a phone interview. "I want to be one [of the best in the world]. And I want to beat some of the best, too. I want to do the best that I can to continue to grow."
Brown said he wouldn't focus on results this year. Instead he plans to continue improving and working to obtain a competition-savvy quad.

That is the jump that the Russian men certainly don't lack, their attacking cadre not including Evgeni Plushenko this season, who will undergo a spinal surgery in April. Maxim Kovtun, Konstantin Menshov, Sergei Voronov and teenagers Adian Pitkeev and Alexander Petrov all go for big points with a fleet of four-rotation routines.

"The Russian boys are doing two quads in their programs, but they are one mistake from being dumped," Bradley explained. "As soon as you make a mistake, you don't have your components to hold you up."

Other notable skaters capable of chasing the top three include world junior champion Shoma Uno of Japan, who is set to make his Grand Prix debut, Denis Ten, Nam Nguyen, Misha Ge, Florent Amodio and Han Yan.

Patrick Chan on facing Yuzuru Hanyu at Skate Canada: "It's exciting. It will be a great comparison to see. For the audience to see someone who has been so successful since the Olympics and someone who has taken a year off. ... For myself, I'm excited to compete against him and practice in the same rink. A long time ago, I accepted the results from the Olympics and moved on; I think I've become a better and more mature athlete than when I was in Sochi. There are a lot of unknowns, but a lot of excitement, too. There will be a lot of adrenaline. It will be a lot of fun."
スケート・カナダで羽生結弦と直面するパトリック・チャン: 「とても興奮する。素晴らしい対比を見られるだろう。オリンピック以来とても成功してる誰かと、1年休養した誰かを観客は見る…僕としては、彼と同じリンクで練習し、闘うことに興奮している。だいぶ前、僕はオリンピックの結果を受け入れて、進んだ; 僕はソチのころより、もっと上手くて、もっと円熟したアスリートになったと思う。未知のことはたくさんあるが、興奮もたくさんある。アドレナリンもいっぱい出てくるだろう。すごく面白くなると思う」

Chan on his quad(s): "I'm only working on my quad toe right now. It would be too much on my plate to try and train another. If I'm training another quad, that wouldn't be smart to try and put it in my program. I'm pushing myself to the limit and I'm just trying to stay healthy. Injuries would be the only thing to hold me back from the 2018 Olympics."
チャンの4回転: 「今僕はクワド・トゥに取り組んでいる。僕の予定表は挑戦ともう一つのトレーニングでいっぱいになりすぎるだろう。もし僕がもう一つの4回転のトレーニングをしても、それを僕のプログラムに入れようとするのは賢くない。僕は限界まで自分自身を追い込んでいるけど、健康でもいようとしている。ケガだけが、僕を2018年のオリンピックから押しとどめることになるだろうから」

Jason Brown on the U.S. championships: "I don't look at it like defending my title. I want to go after another one."
全米のジェーソン・ブラウン: 「僕はタイトルを“防衛するもの”としてそれを見てはいません。僕は“もう一つ”を追い求めます」

Gracie Gold on training her quad, as well as the triple axel: "We stuck with the triple axel for the summer. I was making big improvements on and off the pole harness. I've taken a little break from it. I took a hard fall on it, so I took a little step back from it. I was only doing it once a week. Knowing (coach) Frank [Carroll], even if I'm landing it [now], he would want to wait to put it out next season. Most likely next season."
4回転とトリプル・アクセルをトレーニングしているグレーシー・ゴールド: 「私たちは夏にトリプル・アクセルに固執していた。私はポール・ハーネス(棒で釣り上げる器具)をつけたり外したりして、大きな進歩をしました。私はそれから少し休んでいます。私はそれで激しく転倒したので、少し後ずさりしています。私は週に1度しかしていません。(コーチの)フランク(キャロル)も、もし私が(今)着地出来たとしても、彼は来季までそれを待って欲しいのだと解かっています。来季は可能性大です」


ちょっと残念かな… まあ、来季に期待です。



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