(訳で変なところがあったらご指摘くださいますようお願いします m(_ _)m )

And I’ll remember the lavender butterflies in Mao Asada’s emotional, exquisite free skate – her arms in the air, the subtlety, the openness, the aura, the complete abandonment to the music – and the bitter disappointment of not seeing all of those translated into her Components score. Is it as if, after an year off the competitive arena, the judges in Boston decided to treat Mao once again like a beginner (or maybe like a retiree…?); and this is wrong for all the reasons in the world.
そして私は、浅田真央の感情に訴える極上のフリー・スケートの中のラベンダーのバタフライ(蝶)を忘れない-空中の彼女の腕、微妙さ、開放性、オーラ、音楽への完璧な奔放性―そしてそれら全ての解釈がコンポーネント・スコアに見られ(反映され)ない痛烈な失望。ボストンのジャッジは、競技のアリーナに1年休養した後の浅田真央を、もう一度初心者(あるいは多分引退した人…?)のように扱うと決めたようだった; そしてこれが世界に於いての不正の全根拠だ。これは世界のあらゆる理屈に照らしても間違いだ。
(m(_ _)m)

Mao Asada: there’s no one like her, really. And I’m not talking about her dyeing and curling her hair, or putting on a red lipstick for her playful, coquettish short program to “Bei Mir Bistu Shen”. I’m talking about Mao Asada as a gift for the skating world and the skating fans altogether, about her coming back to the competitive arena because she missed “the sense of fulfillment and joy” she used to have after her best skates in competition. Us too, Mao. Us too. And the truth is I love this young lady to the moon and back, and my emotions during her performances are second to none. The triple Axel not quite round, the struggle to hold the Loop – well, these are all details. The quality of her skating is what sets her apart, the music flowing through her arms, her fingertips, as if music itself found in Mao its best interpreter. Simply put, there are some people born to be figure skaters – and Mao Asada is clearly one of them. I’d love to see that reflected in her Components scores.
浅田真央: 彼女のような人は誰もいない、本当に。そして私は彼女の染めてカールした髪や、なまめかしいショート・プログラムの「素敵なあなた」の、茶目っ気のある赤い口紅について話してはいない。私が話しているのは、スケートの世界やスケートファン全体への、贈り物のような浅田真央の、競技アリーナへのカムバックについてだ、なぜなら彼女が競技で最上のスケートをした後も、かつて持っていた”達成感と喜び“が恋しかったからだ。私達もだ、真央。私達も。そして事実、私はこの若い女性のためにはどんな苦労も (月に行って戻って来なければならなくても)惜しまないし、彼女の演技の最中の私の激情は、誰にも負けない。トリプル・アクセルはすっかりは回りきらなかった、ループはこらえるのに苦労した-まあ、これらは全部、細々したことだ。彼女のスケートの質が彼女を際立たせる、彼女の腕、指先を通じて流れる音楽が、まるで音楽自体が真央を、最上の通訳(解釈者)とわかっているかのようだ。単純に生まれながらのフィギュア・スケーターという人は何人かいると感じる-そして浅田真央は明らかにそのうちの1人だ。私はそれが反映された彼女のコンポーネンツスコアを是非見たい。

Mao Asada: too bad the Program Components Scores couldn’t keep up with such a glorious performance. A carousel of emotions, that was to me Mao’s free skate in Boston, in the 9th Worlds of her career. That performance, that subtle, yet powerful performance, with Puccini’s “Madame Butterfly” embracing Mao beautifully, taking her under its (musical) wings, was by far the most touching, heartwarming moment of this edition of the World Championships – one that will stay in my mind for many years to come. “Thank you, Mao. Just like in Sochi!”, a teary Tatiana Tarasova said at the end of the routine, as I was literally crying in front of a computer screen, a little after 4 a.m. What is there to cry about, you ask? Well, everything: her magic, aura, her dissolving into the music; but, above all, the pure joy of her comeback – and skate like that, the gratitude of having her in the competitive arena for as long as she decides to; following Worlds, Mao expressed her wish to compete towards 2018 Olympics in PyeongChang.
浅田真央: このような素晴らしい演技にプログラム・コンポーネンツ・スコアが追いつかないのは残念至極。私にとって真央のキャリアで9回目の世界選手権のボストンでのフリー・スケートは、感情の回転木馬だった。あの演技、あの繊細さ、それでもパワフルな演技。真央の美しさを抱擁し、音楽の翼の下に彼女を連れて行くプッチーニの「マダム・バタフライ(蝶々夫人)」は、今回の世界選手権の中で、はるか最高に感動的で、心温まる時だった-この先何年も、それは私の心に残るだろう。“ありがとう、真央。ソチの時のように”と涙ぐんだタチアナ・タラソワが演技の終わりに言った、朝4時を少し超えたあたり、私はコンピューター画面の前で文字通り泣いていた、何を泣いているのかと貴方は聞くだろうか?まあ、全てに: 彼女の魔力、オーラ、彼女の音楽への融合; しかし、とりわけ、彼女のカムバックへの純粋な喜び-そしてあのようなスケート、彼女が決心している限り、彼女が競技アリーナにいる事への感謝; 真央は世界選手権の後、2018平昌でのオリンピックに向けて戦うことへの望みを伝えた。

And now the backside: in spite of being one of the biggest moments of the ladies’ free skate, the Program Components Scores failed to express that – and Mao Asada remained, from the judges’ point of view, in the range of 8-s (8.54 for Skating Skills; 8.39 for Transition/Linking Footwork; 8.79 for Performance/Execution; 8.64 for Choreography/Composition; and 8.96 for Interpretation). With these scores in mind, rewatch Mao’s free skate – the performance will speak for itself. Blame it on Mao’s year off, on her being treated as a beginner (or like a retiree), on the so-called “corridor” of scores (she was not in the final group, but in the one before that) – but the truth is the Components Scores didn’t do justice to a magnificent skate, and that clearly takes away from an event otherwise impeccably put together.
そして今暗黒面: 女子のフリー・スケートの最大の時であるにも拘わらず、プログラムコンポーネンツスコアはそれを表すのを怠った-そして浅田真央は、ジャッジの見地からだと、8点台(スケート技術8.54; 繫ぎ8.39; 演技/実施8.79; 振り付け/構成8.64; 解釈8.96)にとどまった。これらの点を心に留めて、真央のフリー・スケートを見直すー演技は自明の理。真央の1年の休養のせいにして、初心者(あるいは引退者)のように扱い、いわゆる点数の「回廊」(彼女は最終グループでなく、その一つ前のグループにいた)-しかし真実は、コンポーネンツスコアは、堂々としたスケートを公平に評することをしなかった、そして他の全ては非の打ちどころのない寄せ集めだった大会から、それは明らかに奪われたものだった。  (コンポーネントを公正に評価しなかったことが)イベントの価値を減ずるが、それ以外の点では申し分なく構成されている。(m(_ _)m)
20160403 mao
…and then rewind to the end of her skate in Boston – her beautiful, relieved smile, her arms and knees on the ice while catching her breath, with everyone in the arena on their feet. She’s done it again: felt the “fulfillment and joy” after a good skate in competition. And for a lady winning almost everything that is out there, this might be the biggest reward of all.
…そしてボストンでの彼女のスケートの終わりまで巻き戻す-彼女の美しい、ほっとした笑顔、彼女が氷の上に腕と膝を置いて一息している間、アリーナの全員が立ち上がった。彼女は再びやった: 競技会での素晴らしいスケートの後「達成感と喜び」を感じた。そしてほぼ全て(の大会)に勝った女性がそこにいること、これはみんなにとって最大のご褒美だったかもしれない。

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(こちらも変なところはご指摘ください m(_ _)m )
lenahc5  2週間前
I love this performance, it was Not perfect but I do believe that because of that people really focused on the artistry, and the beauty of her skating. The moments where she make you forget it‘s a competition. It truly emphasizes how she can emote, and embody the character she portrays.
Another point is that yes, she is the veteran in the group but she still has the big elements, she still is competitive, she can rival if of course she hits. And she seems happy while skating unlike in the pass that she appeared like the weight of the world was on her shoulders. There seems to be a sense of inner peace. Everybody is discussing how the field is changing and there are brighter stars. It’s true like anything in life things evolve and get more complex, but what doesn't. She is still very much relevant.
Can these new stars last? Time will tell, that has been the biggest issue, these new young skaters seem so promising but are almost treated as disposable, once they achieve something someone else 'more' talented is catapulted to stardom.
In any case I think she has a chance in 2018. The thing she has to work on is consistency. The artistry is there, the line, the spins, and when the jumps work, they work.
She is a 3 time world champion and when she wasn't the champion most of the time she was on the podium with silver or bronze. She TRULY has many many memorable performances. So it is a bit reductive to say she is not capable of recovering another title, because of new emerging stars.
彼女は3度の世界チャンピオンで、彼女がチャンピオンで無い時も、殆どの時、彼女は銀か銅で表彰台に乗っていた。彼女は本当にたくさんの、たくさんの忘れられない演技をしている。これはちょっと否定的(減少的)に言うが、新しく現れるスターのせいで、彼女はもう一つのタイトルを取り戻すのが上手くない。 新しいスターがいるから真央がもう新たなタイトルを勝ち取れないというのはちょっと正しくない。(m(_ _)m) 
She has always been humble of her talent but she is a legend and will go down as one of the Greats. I am excited to see Carolina next year, along with Mao. I think it will put the sport a bit more in perspective. As someone that has seen her career develop for at least 10 years, this is nothing compared to what she has endured. She needs a vacation and continue enjoying skating, she'll be good. When they all count her out she come back to shut them up.
Watch the one where tatiana's comment are subtitled it very generous of whoever took the time thank you.

☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*☆*゚゜゚*☆*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*☆*゚゜゚*☆*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆



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